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* Includes deferred tax benefits of € 11.2 million and € 11.6 million in Q4-20 and Q4-19, respectively. Excluding such benefits, Besi’s effective tax rate would have been 9.2% and 5.5%, respectively, and its net income and net margin would have been € 33.4 million and 30.4% in Q4-20 and € 22.1 million and 23.9% in Q4-19. Net income of € 44.6 million in Q4-20 increased by € 10.6 million (+31.2%) versus Q3-20 as a result of an € 11.2 million upward revaluation of deferred tax assets associated with Besi’s improved financial performance and outlook. Excluding deferred tax benefits in Q4-20 and Q4-19, net income declined by € 0.6 million, or 1.8%, versus Q3-20 but increased by € 11.3 million, or 51.1%, versus Q4-19. Versus Q4-19, the increase was primarily due to significantly higher revenue and gross margin levels realized and lower operating expenses principally as a result of strategic cost control initiatives. * Effective tax rates in 2020 and 2019 were 12.0% and 10.8%, respectively, excluding € 11.2 million and € 11.6 million of deferred tax benefits in each of Q4-20 and Q4-19. Excluding such benefits, Besi’s net income and net margin would have been € 121.1 million and 27.9% in 2020 and € 69.7 million and 19.6% in 2019. Besi’s revenue increased by € 77.4 million, or 21.7%, in 2020 versus 2019. The increase reflects improved industry conditions post the pandemic outbreak, increased shipments for mobile applications due to a new 5G smart phone product cycle and increased investment by Chinese customers. Similarly, orders increased by 35.4% versus 2019. In 2020, bookings by IDMs and subcontractors represented approximately 45% and 55%, respectively, of Besi’s total orders versus 61% and 39%, respectively, in 2019. Besi’s operating income of € 149.9 million grew by 63.1% year over year primarily due to (i) significant revenue growth and (ii) a gross margin expansion of 3.8 points associated with Besi’s strong advanced packaging market position, more favorable product mix and increased productivity as lower Asian fixed headcount levels helped drive labor efficiencies. In addition, operating expenses increased by only 1.7% versus 2019 due to ongoing cost reduction efforts and lower travel and overhead expenses as a result of the pandemic. As a consequence, Besi’s net income of € 132.3 million increased € 51.0 million, or 62.7% while net margins grew by 7.7 points to reach 30.5%. At the end of Q4-20, cash and deposits aggregated € 598.7 million, an increase of 46.6% versus year end 2019 primarily as a result of the issuance of € 150 million of Convertible Notes due 2027 and significantly increased profitability versus 2019. Net cash and deposits grew to € 198.7 million, an increase of € 40.0 million (+25.2%) compared to Q3-20 and € 68.4 million (+52.5%) versus year end 2019.

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A worker cleans up damage Thursday from broken water pipes in the fire suppression system at Tomball Memorial High School. The district expects at least four campuses will not hold in-person classes to start next week due to water-related facility damage. “Our restoration company will give us a better idea, but we were just able to get them in there today,” Salazar-Zamora said. For students attending Tomball ISD’s 16 other campuses, the prospect of in-person classes Monday hinges on water availability. Salazar-Zamora said officials at the city of Tomball, which provides water to most of the district’s schools, told her they may need a few more days to fully restore water pressure. “We are hopeful, but unless we can get the water situation taken care of, Monday is going to be a stretch,” Salazar-Zamora said. Administrators in several districts — including Humble, Spring Branch and La Porte ISDs and Lamar CISD — reported fewer problems Thursday. However, they cautioned that staff and outside plumbers still were surveying pipes, and forecasts for freezing temperatures overnight mean issues could still arise. In Humble, Superintendent Elizabeth Fagen said about 40 classrooms in Humble High School were soaked when sprinklers malfunctioned, while other campuses needed minor repairs. Fagen said all fixes should be done in a matter of days, rather than weeks. “Unless there’s something that reveals itself in the next couple of days that we haven’t seen, we’re hopeful sneak a peek at this web-site to be back on campus next week,” Fagen said. Stanford said Spring Branch employees and contracted plumbers still were inspecting the district’s 45-plus campuses, with preliminary reports showing various water pipe breaks. “We’ve not seen anything of any major concern, but we are working through our campuses as we speak,” Stanford said early Thursday afternoon. “We’ve gone to all of our campuses, but it may be that we don’t have a plumber that’s gone through it in the detail that we need them to go through.” Lamar officials said about half of their 40 campuses suffered some type of water damage, though most issues were confined to outdoor areas. A few in-building repairs were done, ongoing or scheduled for completion by Monday. District administrators said they were optimistic that power outages had been resolved. None of those interviewed Thursday said they were worried about spoiled food threatening in-person classes next week. Even if buildings are suitable come Monday, school leaders remain concerned about the strain that classes could put on staff and students facing weather- and water-related issues. Spring Branch Superintendent Jennifer Blaine said administrators are speaking with principals to determine how many campus-level staffers could be absent next week.